University of Calgary

Welcome to the School of Creative and Performing Arts - Drama


At the very heart of the theatre experience exists the process of exploration. Theatre unlocks and examines those things, large and small, which test, tease, provoke, outrage, raise eyebrows, raise blood pressure and invoke a sense of wonder.

Within the framework of this dynamic of investigation, Drama encourages students to collaborate, challenge themselves and grow. Our program offers an exciting blend of intellectual rigor and professional experience that provides students with a profound cross-disciplinary experience.

Students immerse themselves in their studies and are provided the tools and conditions to examine the vital connections between theory and practice, play and performance. They research alongside seasoned designers, directors, academics, actors and playwrights and emerge with the skills and imagination necessary to thrive on whatever path they choose. Our graduates are theatre artists, technicians, educators, academics and also enter fields as diverse as law, medicine and business.